Canon ts-e 17mm or Canon ts-e 24mm Comparison

Feb 24 2011 Published by under Photography Equipment

OK, I thought a nice post on the two Canon ts-e (tilt shift lenses) would be good for people looking to buy a tilt shift lens and were not sure which lens is wide enough for them. Although this depends GREATLY on what you are photographing I will make some clear observations for you to help you decide.

First take a look at this image below.

canontse17mmor24mmcomparisonThis image is an example of a photo taken on full frame camera. Please ignore the architecture it is not significant. What is however is the two boxes, the purple on the outside and the blue on the inside. The purple box shows the field of view you would get on the Canon ts-e 17mm, and the blue box the field of view the Canon ts-e 24mm. Which is wide enough for you? Only you can decide and this is only one example which takes into account the field of view.


- Interior photography needs a much greater field of view then exterior

- Take into account your sensors crop factor as this will effect your field of view greatly (full frame is a lot wider than 1.6 crop)

- Bare in mind if you go for a wider option you can always use extenders to fill the frame

TS-E lenses are a must for architectural work, so choose wisely.

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