Photography website updates

Jan 27 2011

I am currently in the process of updating sections of the website so some parts might look new and some old. I am changing the way images are viewed in the photography portfolio section to give you a better view and easier to navigate system. With this I will add the new photography categories wedding photography and alternative photography.

Updates will come as I go along to keep old and new users informed.

The work never stops, photography work web design work… :D

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Cheshire Wedding Photography

Jan 25 2011

Good evening,

I have updated a section of the website mentioning my wedding photography services. I am yet to update the gallery page but if you bare with me it will be up in very soon! If you are in Cheshire looking for a wedding photographer please get in touch with me and I will get through a dedicated plan with you for your special day.

Besides this small update I am fairly busy with work at the moment which is good :)

Digital Exposure product photography studio are shooting clothing photography for Gelert currently many, many times fun fun fun!

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Merry Christmas!

Dec 26 2010

Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope everyone had a great day and I hope to see you all in the new year!

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Some Portrait Photography In The Lakes

Dec 11 2010

I got to go to the lakes a few weeks ago and took some images of Emma. The light was very much how I like it, harsh in areas! I feel it can create a powerful effect on the person when used in the correct way.

Shooting portraits is always fun, especially when the model in question is a little camera shy, yet you get play with them a little and open them up. Then when you get the shots you are extra happy with them! I hope to shoot some more portrait photography soon, it might be around Chester, or I might try and venture further afield again around Cheshire or the North of England.

Below are a few shots from the session with Emma.

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Saab 9-5 New Car Test Drive – Event Photography

Nov 22 2010

Saab Event Photography

Updating from an event I did a while ago for Saab where they held an event at Tatton Park in Cheshire to let customers try out their new car the Saab 9-5. Yes more event photography!

The people who got to try out the new 9-5 at the event were existing customers of Saab who got to drive the car out on the road for a 5-10minute journey. With this it was not particularly busy as each customer had an appointment time to test drive the new car.

As usual I mooched around the event taking images of the atmosphere and capturing the reason for the event TEST DRIVE A SAAB 9-5! Moving on below are some photographs from the event for you to view.

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Ryder Cup 2010 – Event Photography

Oct 17 2010

First off what an event to be able to go to..

The atmosphere throughout the golf event was unbelievable even though the weather was very poor, apart from on the last day when the skies opened up nicely and you needed some sun cream on your face. In its entirety the event lasted from the Friday till the Monday although it was meant to end on the Sunday but due to the weather play had to be suspended a number of times. In the end Europe came out victorious but it was ever so close wright down to the 17th green.

I wanted to share with you a few shots from the event, hopefully you don’t have to enjoy golf to enjoy the images.

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South Cheshire College New Campus – Architectural Photography

Sep 10 2010

South Cheshire CollegeIn August I was commissioned to take some images for a ceiling company ( at the new South Cheshire College. The images were for promotional use of their installation in one of the main sectors of the building.

The new campus at South Cheshire has been thought out very well, the relationship between the architecture and its function is entwined which makes the building quite unique. I also had a browse around the old campus which was very outdated so the change must have been coming for many years. I read somewhere the building cost £73 million, I hope they produce some excellent graduates for this!

Down to the photography, I used a nice Canon 17mm tilt shift lens for most the images to include the environment in the images of the ceiling. Down below are a few shots from the shoot which will be added to the portfolio accordingly which can be found

South Cheshire College ArchitectureSouth Cheshire College ArchitectureSouth Cheshire College ArchitectureSouth Cheshire College Architecture

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What white balance setting should you use?

Aug 25 2010

Custom White BalanceOK, so if you don’t know you can change the white balance of your images in camera raw in Photoshop, that is of course if you shot in raw in the first place.

So those of you who don’t care about getting it right in camera and prefer that method is fine, but if you don’t shoot raw your going to have to get it right in camera in the first place.

So what are the white balance settings you have to choose from?

* Auto (automatically configures the white balance)

* Daylight (white balance for a fairly sunny day)

* Shade (white balance for shady areas)

* Cloudy (white balance for them cloudy days)

* Tungsten Light (white balance for shooting under a tungsten light, normally them orange/yellow lights in your house)

* White Fluorescent Light (white balance for white light, you know them thin tubes you can smash over your mates head an not hurt them? Its them!)

* Flash (white balance for when using flash)

* Custom (white balance for when you want to set your custom white balance image with a white/gray card)

* Color Temp (white balance for setting your own color temperature)

So that is when you should use the various settings.

I have created a set of images so you can see the different effects the different white balance settings will have on a normal image in ordinary day light.

Auto white balance

Auto white balance

Daylight White Balance

Day light white balance

Shade White Balance

Shade white balance

Cloudy White Balance

Cloudy white balance

Tungsten White Balance

Tungsten white balance

White Fluorescent White Balance

White fluorescent white balance

Flash White Balance

Custom White Balance

Color Temp White Balance

With all these examples what do you think is true white?

White is a highly reflective color so the true color can be deceiving.

Looking at the images, auto white balance looks most accurate but realistically the custom white balance is because of the reflections of the sun going into the white. Which out of the custom white balances looks most accurate? They both look pretty dam close to me, so no need to be arguing if we should use a white card to take the custom white balance or a 18% gray card.

I hope this helped some of you to understand white balance a little better and the effects it can have on our images, for instance having the tungsten white balance setting on when no tungsten light is actually effecting the image the image will turn out blue as this is the color the camera adds to the image to “even out” the tones.

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MAC or Windows?

Jul 29 2010

iMac 24I have just purchased an iMac 24 after much thought. With being a Windows XP fan for many years I have stuck with XP even with the new releases of Windows operating systems such as Vista and 7 but neither of them appealed to me once played around with.

XP seemed to be getting old now, and with being a photographer and web designer I thought its about time I took the leap into the MAC world.

Well so far I am glad I have, the monitor is like nothing you can imagine. Sleek, sexy and bright. The OS it self is so much more efficient than Windows, in the manner that files are controlled and applications are installed. Multi-tasking with applications is made quick and simple.

I am yet to set up the time machine as I have not added my external HD but I am excited about this feature also.

To anyone thinking of making the change from Windows to Mac I would certainly recommend it if you use your PC for powerful applications.

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New Work

Jul 24 2010

Aside from my freelancing I have now got a job at a local photography studio in Chester named Digital Exposure. At the studio it is all mainly product photography but things get get mixed up from time to time! They produce excellent work and are based an industrial estate in Saltney, Chester.

So if you have a few minutes go check them out.

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