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Some Portrait Photography In The Lakes

Dec 11 2010 Published by under Architecture News,Images

I got to go to the lakes a few weeks ago and took some images of Emma. The light was very much how I like it, harsh in areas! I feel it can create a powerful effect on the person when used in the correct way.

Shooting portraits is always fun, especially when the model in question is a little camera shy, yet you get play with them a little and open them up. Then when you get the shots you are extra happy with them! I hope to shoot some more portrait photography soon, it might be around Chester, or I might try and venture further afield again around Cheshire or the North of England.

Below are a few shots from the session with Emma.

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South Cheshire College New Campus – Architectural Photography

Sep 10 2010 Published by under Architecture News,Images,Photography Equipment

South Cheshire CollegeIn August I was commissioned to take some images for a ceiling company ( at the new South Cheshire College. The images were for promotional use of their installation in one of the main sectors of the building.

The new campus at South Cheshire has been thought out very well, the relationship between the architecture and its function is entwined which makes the building quite unique. I also had a browse around the old campus which was very outdated so the change must have been coming for many years. I read somewhere the building cost £73 million, I hope they produce some excellent graduates for this!

Down to the photography, I used a nice Canon 17mm tilt shift lens for most the images to include the environment in the images of the ceiling. Down below are a few shots from the shoot which will be added to the portfolio accordingly which can be found

South Cheshire College ArchitectureSouth Cheshire College ArchitectureSouth Cheshire College ArchitectureSouth Cheshire College Architecture

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Something Un Architectural

Jan 13 2010 Published by under Architecture News,Images

An update to my work section with some unrelated subject matter (yes other than architecture). They were shot with 4×5 negatives in the outback near Chester on a cold misty winters morning.  Its nice to photograph other subjects sometimes so don’t get to restricted like I have been of late. Have a look


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