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MAC or Windows?

Jul 29 2010 Published by under Architecture News

iMac 24I have just purchased an iMac 24 after much thought. With being a Windows XP fan for many years I have stuck with XP even with the new releases of Windows operating systems such as Vista and 7 but neither of them appealed to me once played around with.

XP seemed to be getting old now, and with being a photographer and web designer I thought its about time I took the leap into the MAC world.

Well so far I am glad I have, the monitor is like nothing you can imagine. Sleek, sexy and bright. The OS it self is so much more efficient than Windows, in the manner that files are controlled and applications are installed. Multi-tasking with applications is made quick and simple.

I am yet to set up the time machine as I have not added my external HD but I am excited about this feature also.

To anyone thinking of making the change from Windows to Mac I would certainly recommend it if you use your PC for powerful applications.

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New Work

Jul 24 2010 Published by under Architecture News

Aside from my freelancing I have now got a job at a local photography studio in Chester named Digital Exposure. At the studio it is all mainly product photography but things get get mixed up from time to time! They produce excellent work and are based an industrial estate in Saltney, Chester.

So if you have a few minutes go check them out.

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Jul 06 2010 Published by under Architecture News

Its that time of year again, yet its no longer fun as you get older and older!

How old? I will let you guess that!

Hopefully going for a shoot up a rather tall mountain over the next few days, lets pray for nice weather over the Cheshire sky line!

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