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Exhibition – Kingsway, Chester

Feb 24 2010 Published by under Architecture News

Three pieces of my work are currently in an exhibition collaborated with three other artists.

The work has a link between form and structure.

Where -    Kings Way Foyer, Chester, CH2 2LB
When -    25/02/2010 – 04/03/2010
Times -    09:00am  -17:30pm



Everywhere you go in life you are surrounded by architecture, whether it is in a major city or in the middle of no man’s land. Most of us take it for granted. There are eye sores and there are fine-looking looking structures in our life’s.

What it is I aim to capture in my work is the diversity of buildings of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Looking at the shape and structure of how different buildings are formed yet not necessarily correlated to their purpose. Materials used to create architecture have a huge effect on its ability to mold into society.

I seek to discover why architecture is created in such ways as it is.

For purpose?
For aesthetic reasons?
For art?

Jamie Knop

All welcome :)

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