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Received + Bellows

Dec 17 2009 Published by under Photography Technique

I received the ShenHao TZ45-IIB a few days ago, it is well made and has great movements on it. How ever I have had two little things to pick on, first of all the ground glass is rather dim, so best to make sure you have a fast lens on the camera. Second of all is because I have a 90mm lens attached to the camera it has not got as much front rise as I’d of hoped. So this is my reason for bag bellows, a lot more freedom in the movements of the camera. I could have gone for a recessed lens board but I felt I should make sure that the movements are going to be available and went for the bag bellows.

Having some film developed from a shoot in Liverpool so I shall update with them when I have received and scanned them.


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ShenHao TZ45-IIB 4×5 Camera

Dec 12 2009 Published by under Architecture News,Photography Equipment

Well the Wista has been out of action for quite some time now with the bellows being fixed and in the mean time I have decided upon purchasing the ShenHao TZ45-IIB. Along with it comes a nice wide lens, the Fujinon SWD 90mm f/5.6 would should come in handy in them tight situations many architecture photographers find them self’s in. The cameras movements are as follows, front; rise: 23mm, fall: 43mm, shift: 12mm, Swing: 25°, Base tilt: 90°. Rear Movements; rise: 55mm, base tilt: 90°, back tilt: 22°, swing: 10°.

The camera is coming from France so it may take a little while to get here but as soon as it is I shall put it to the test and update with the results!

ShenHao TZ45-IIB

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