Best Lens For Architectural Photography

Mar 10 2011

So what is the best lens for architectural photography you might be thinking? This depends on a number of factors.

How wide do you need to shoot?

Can you get horizontally level?

How much light is available?

Generally speaking for architectural photography you are going to need a wide angle lens, as buildings are a lot bigger than us it is harder to fit them in to the frame without being far away from the subject. By having a wide angle lens this can cause problems in it self. Including chromatic aberration which causes a colour fringe around objects in your image. This is caused by the lens failing to focus all the colours to the same convergence point. See example below, you can see a red fringe around the ceiling window installation.

Best Lens For Architectural Photography 1

Now lets take another look at the questions I asked at the beginning. How wide do you need to shoot? Are you going to be photographing architecture in tight interior spaces or architectural photography exteriors? If shooting interiors you are going to need a much wider lens than if you were just shoot exteriors. You usually have a lot more flexibility when photographing architectural exterior and you can move about, but with interior photography you are generally very limited in movement. So shooting interiors go really wide! Such as 10-20mm. Shooting exterior and have that extra flexibility? Go a little longer with your lens at 20-30mm. Every situation is going to be different how ever so make sure you choose wisely. Even if you are photographing on a wide lens and you need to move forward you can do, or alternatively you can connect a teleconverter to your camera body and lens.

Another great consideration for picking the best architectural photography lens is converging lines. Do you need a lens with tilt and shift adjustments? If you have to tilt your lens/camera up to capture the architecture you are going to get something known as converging lines. Look at the image below to see what I mean by this.

Best Lens For Architectural Photography 2As you can see the objects toward the side of the image are being pulled in to the center. To get rid of this your lens need to be horizontally level with the building. There is a feature in Photoshop to remove this but it only works so far so it is better to get it correct in camera.

The best lens for architectural photography for me is any of these two below with teleconverters.

Best Lens For Architectural Photography 3

Best Lens For Architectural Photography 4

These lenses are the Canon 17mm ts-e and the Canon 24mm ts-e. If you are not clear about anything I will try and clear it up for you! Purchase the below.

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Canon ts-e 17mm or Canon ts-e 24mm Comparison

Feb 24 2011

OK, I thought a nice post on the two Canon ts-e (tilt shift lenses) would be good for people looking to buy a tilt shift lens and were not sure which lens is wide enough for them. Although this depends GREATLY on what you are photographing I will make some clear observations for you to help you decide.

First take a look at this image below.

canontse17mmor24mmcomparisonThis image is an example of a photo taken on full frame camera. Please ignore the architecture it is not significant. What is however is the two boxes, the purple on the outside and the blue on the inside. The purple box shows the field of view you would get on the Canon ts-e 17mm, and the blue box the field of view the Canon ts-e 24mm. Which is wide enough for you? Only you can decide and this is only one example which takes into account the field of view.


- Interior photography needs a much greater field of view then exterior

- Take into account your sensors crop factor as this will effect your field of view greatly (full frame is a lot wider than 1.6 crop)

- Bare in mind if you go for a wider option you can always use extenders to fill the frame

TS-E lenses are a must for architectural work, so choose wisely.

Best Lens For Architectural Photography 3

Best Lens For Architectural Photography 4

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Nature and Architecture is about!

Feb 19 2011

I have another image of architecture set within a island blossoming of green goodness. Looks like heaven does it not?

Nature Architecture

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Architecture And Nature As One

Feb 16 2011

Bringing together architecture and nature is something of a beauty. Mixing natural materials to build architectural structures in nature surroundings combines both the architecture and environment into one. They entwine with each other to form one image, they don’t look separate, personally how I like it. It is like designing the interior of a building, it flows together as such the exterior should comply by these rules.

If you have any other interesting architectural / nature buildings or images please contact me and would be very interested in what you have to show me.Architecture And Nature

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Architectural Fun – To Walk Or To Slide.

Feb 13 2011

I came accross an interesting interior architecture concept for a staircase..

Architecture Slide

Great for kids? for adults? for both? Or for convenience? Well i’m sure we all have our own opinions!

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Architecture Architect Reveals Portsmouth “Blade”

Feb 07 2011

Local swimming pool will make way for tower.

Architecture PLB has unveiled new images of its £30 million building for Portsmouth University’s Faculty of Social Science & Humanities.

The practice has designed a 33-storey tower, nicknamed the Portsmouth Blade, containing accommodation for 600 students, and a second, smaller building to be shared by the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies and the School of Education & Continuing Studies.It will be built on the site of the existing Victoria swimming pool.

The schools will share the teaching facilities, including a 300-seat lecture theatre and seminar rooms, as well as a café and restaurant.

A planning application will be submitted to the city council in spring and construction is set to complete in 2013

Architecture Blade Portsmouth

Architecture Blade Portsmouth 2

Read more:

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Architectural Photography – The Trade

Feb 06 2011

As you may have noticed I have re-organised the website to concentrate on my architectural practices.

Architectural has been my primary interest in photography for many years whilst studying through College, University and since leaving my educational background carrying out architecture commissions.

I hope to develop this into more than just a about website, but more of an information portal also for architects, photographers and alike.

Till then!

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Canon 400D Rebel XTI User Guide – Photography Tutorial Video

Feb 02 2011

I just came across an old video of mine back from University whilst studying photography and multimedia. It makes me laugh now but if you have a Canon 400D and need a simple user guide I suppose it helps :)

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Wedding Album

Feb 01 2011

Within the wedding portfolio is a set of images from a wedding I shot late last year. I received a second wedding album from the supplier and will be posting some images of the completed wedding album for you to view in the forthcoming week.

It is a modern wedding album but still keeps many characteristics of a tradition album. For instance it is white, and the cover is traditionally textured. I will show this with some close ups on the wedding album.

Now you can see an example of what your wedding album could look like, I hope you enjoy and it is to your taste!

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Spring Weddings

Jan 29 2011

With the sun shining out side it brought to mind spring time, an excellent time of the year to get married.

The trees will be blooming, blossom will be about the streets, new life brought back into nature. Captivating this on your wedding day will bring the colors to life.

Until then, the frost will persist. Enjoy!

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