Professional Architectural Photography by Jamie Knop, one of the stellar Architecture Photographers in the UK

Architecture Exterior Photography

The exterior of architecture is often the first thing you see. Photographing the form of architecture creates an often dramatic and overwhelming feeling.

Architecture Interior Photography

Once inside a building you get a sense created by the colours and shapes around you. This can portray many meaning such as modern, old, English and German.

Architecture Details Photography

Looking at the details of a building can show true craftsmanship. These details are often missed but are what makes a difference in architectural standards.

Illustrative Architecture Photography

Want a different look, creating a dramatic atmosphere and draw the viewer in and can be great for advertising and commercial use.

Architecture Photographers Information

Welcome to my architectural photography website where you will find fine examples of architecture throughout the World.

As an architectural photographer I have many years experience as it is my primary field of photography. As you explore my website you will find work that I have created for architects and organizations from all over the United Kingdom.

If you are interested in my architectural photography services please get in touch so we can discuss your project and what requirements you may have.

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